Hotel Schweizerhof Zurich

Opening hours

every day  07:00am-09:00pm



Marion De Paoli

Your hostess at the “Café Gourmet” is Marion de Paoli


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The “Café Gourmet” and its caviar boutique.

The “Café Gourmet” offers an authentic French bistro-style atmosphere: small tables, a bar and a boulevard-terrace. Popular for coffee, croissants and the morning newspaper, easy for a light lunch or dinner, perfect for a cocktail party.

With its antipasti, the best salmon and home-made confectionary, it is a little “culinary paradise” for gourmets (in a hurry).

Furthermore, “Café Gourmet” professionally offers a very special delicacy: caviar. Either to enjoy in the café or to take away as a spontaneous surprise at home.